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*LATEST* Best Nova Launcher Icon Packs for Android Customization

Nova Launcher Icon Packs

The Best Nova Launcher Icon Packs for Android Customization

The changing of the wallpaper of your phone is always happening no matter sooner or later, you will have to change the look of your mobile. When you get into the more advanced form of the phone customization, you will know to convert your Android device entirely with some Launcher and widgets which make your phone cooler. You can also customize the icons of your phone. So, we’re here with Nova Launcher Icon Packs for your android phone.

There are many good icons peaks available in the market, but it ‘s hard to find out the best one for your phone. So we decided that we help you to find out the best icon packs for your device. So we will give you some best icons sets which are currently available on play store.

The icons peaks which are provided below is required to install a launcher after installing launcher they will automatically installed In your device. Some icon pack brings out some utility setup setting with which helps you that it will update and modify into new icons. The installation process in both cases is very same; you can change your system icons in just a few steps. The best of this thing that you device have not to be rooted to modify the icons of your set. These are Nova Launcher Icon Packs which is best available on play store.

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Best Nova Launcher Icon packs

Click UI

There are many icons peaks which look similar to Click UI, but this one has a very fair which comes in this style for the first time. Even if it was not the first one yet it is the best icon pack. If you don’t believe me, then compare this icon with other icons, then you will see a clear difference.

The long shadows give the icons which are best for the sense of motion, and that applies to all of 20,00 of them. These icons are frequently updated.

Size: 15 MB

Price: 1$

Nova Launcher Icon Packs
Nova Launcher Icon Packs

Download UI Icon Pack For Nova Launcher


The Retrorika icons are bringing smooth vector graphics which swing to Android, This icons peak takes the material design and runs 30 years of cigarette to smoke it. Each icon brings some special graphic design.

Size: 23MB

Price: $1

Nova Launcher Icon Packs
Nova Launcher Icon Packs

Download Retrorika Icon Pack For Nova Launcher


If you wanted to take the stock Android experience with some pizazz, then polycon icon pack comes very handily in this matter. The icons are very sleek, yet very nice, remarkable touches that make them more gorgeous in combination with any wallpaper. The most important thing in it that they have more than 500 icons, so you are mostly unlucky because there are so many icons and you have more apps to cover it.  It’s an icon pack that not afraid from the solid shapes.

Size: 9.3 MB

Price: Free

Nova Launcher Icon Packs
Nova Launcher Icon Packs

Download Polycon Icon Pack For Nova Launcher


The Mater design icons with some little-handcrafted flourish are candy corns forts. This icon pack has close to 1000 icons at a minute with color changing options. Not this pack has only icons but also have wallpapers with it too.

Size: 14.3 MB

Price: Free

Nova Launcher Icon Packs
Nova Launcher Icon Packs

Download CandyCons Icon Pack For Nova Launcher

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