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[Latest] Download BBM APK for Free

BBM apk Image
BBM apk Image

Download BBM APK for Android

BBM stands for Blackberry Messaging. Bbm is a messenger app only for Blackberry mobiles, but now it is not just Blackberry messenger. There are many BBM lovers, and they want to use it on their Android phones as well. So, it is great news for them that they can Download BBM APK for free from here.

Special Features of BBM apk app:

It has many unique features. Some of them are listed below:

  • Retract
  • Timer
  • Private Chat
  • BBM PIN (Special)
  • Super Secure
  • All in one messaging service


Retract is a unique feature in the blackberry messenger apk. You can take back your messages and photos even you have sent them to the other person. You can only get back your messages if the next person hasn’t read your messages.

So, it is a great feature that doesn’t come with any other messaging app. So, download BBM apk app and enjoy!!


Now this is something incredible. You can set the timer for a particular message to be shown to the next person. After that given time, your message or photo won’t be able available to the next person. Now this is something that everyone admires and looking after in this vulnerable world. It gives you great privacy feature.

Private Chat:

A private char is like a hidden conversation that disappears when it is finished automatically. So, you can also make use of this beautiful feature. It is really helpful to a lot of people around the globe.


BBM PIN is a code or number that you can share with other people if you don’t want to reveal your original private phone number. It is a great feature that protects you from unknown dangerous activities.

It gives you all the controls over that person. They can’t know anything about you. Once you block them, then there’s no way for them to message you back. Isn’t it cool?

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 BBM is a complete messaging app. Let’s talk about more features and its functions.

  • Free Chat Groups
  • Free video calls with BBM Contacts or Groups
  • Free Voice Calls with BBM contacts or Groups
  • You can also see when your contacts are trying to reply you.

Create BBM Groups for Free:

  • You can create as many groups as you like. You can add more than 250 people in one chat.
  • You can send photos, messages and you can also assign work to your employees on BBM.
  • You can have fun with your friends at any time.

Create BBM Channels:

  • You can create and join BBM channels for free.
  • You can subscribe to your favorite channels and get news from them for free.
  • BBM channels are an excellent way to stay up to date in whatever field you’re interested in.


Download BBM APK now for free
Download BBM APK now for free
Download BBM APK
Download BBM APK
Download BBM app now
Download BBM app now


So, what are you waiting for? Download BBM APK for free today from the link given below:


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