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Download Adguard Premium Cracked (Block Ads without Root)


Download Adguard Premium v2.8.15 Beta Cracked (Block Ads without Root) [Latest Patched]

You can Download Adguard Premium Cracked for android from here. If you are looking for an app for your android phone that can block all the unwanted ads while surfing on the internet then you are at the right place.

Adguard premium is a perfect app that can help you with blocking unwanted ads while surfing internet or using any kind of application on your android phone.

It is a perfect app that you should install in your android system to avoid ads. You can use it without root as well on your android device.

It has many special features.  It has a great ability to automatically manage and filter loading web pages in your browser.

Adguard can help you to block annoying ads, blocks loading of harmful websites, and will not allow anyone to track your activities on the Internet without your knowledge.

Why Should You Download Adguard Premium Cracked in the first place?

So, as we’ve mentioned above that every android user should have this app in his/her device to avoid annoying ads.

Well, now, we’re going to tell you why you should use adguard premium beta cracked on your device.

  • It supports local VPN that means you don’t need to root your device to use this awesome app.
  • It starts filtering your whole internet procedure automatically to ensure a healthy and quick surfing tour for you.
  • There is no need of additional remote connections.

Download Adguard Premium Cracked ALL in ONE Android App:

Adguard Premium is an all in one android app that can help you in many ways.  It can solve many problems at once.

So, we’re going to enlist some of the tasks that Adguard premium cracked perform at once while processing a webpage.

  • It automatically removes annoying ads as well as tracking code directly from the website.
  • It also checks every page in its database against phishing or malicious webpages.
  • It also puts a check on apps that are downloaded from unknown resources.

New Ad blocking Features of Adguard Premium:

Adguard has introduces many new ad blocking features in its latest version. The developers of the app have added support for Extended CSS and Extended Selectors as well in the app for better user experience.

Extended CSS is a very crucial feature in the future. It will help you to select those areas that you want to block which we couldn’t do without this app.

Improved User Interface:

The UI of adguard is improved now in this new addition. The additions in the app are given below.

  • You can see the installation date on the screen of the app.
  • A quick navigation menu for quick settings in Android n and so on.
  • App management will be updated automatically and there is no need to restart the adguard premium cracked while using it.
  • The time format will follow your phone settings from now on.

Screenshots for Download Adguard Premium Cracked:


Compatibility issues fixed:

There are many compatibility issues fixed in this version as well. The fixed compatibility issues are given below.

  • [Fixed]SoundHound
  • [Fixed] Skype
  • [Fixed] Google Allo
  • [Fixed] ru.yota.android
  • [Fixed] Roboform
  • [Fixed]Yandex Mail
  • [Fixed] Bria
  • [Fixed] Apple Music
  • [Fixed] Google Duo
  • [Fixed] SwiftKey
  • [Fixed] Panda Antivirus
  • [Fixed] se.feomedia.quizkampen.ru.lite


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You will get all the premium features of adguard if you Download Adguard Premium Cracked from here.


Download Adguard Premium Cracked

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