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Latest Clash of Clans update & news (2017)

Clash of Clans Update
Clash of Clans Update

 Latest Clash of Clans update & news (2017)

After the update in October 2016, it seems to be hell fun in next update. It appears that the supercell has not been on a big roll and keeping in low profile. But the news is viral around that supercell cell might be a big update at the end of 2016 in “Clash of Clans” before 2016 ends the final gift from the clash of clans team.

SO there will be a two possibilities that they will release the latest update in supercell in December 2016, or they will postpone the date to January 2017.

Clash of Clans Update
Clash of Clans Update

Clash of Clans Latest Update:

According to the most recent report, Supercell has very busy month in these days as the already released a very entertaining video on their Youtube Channel. In their video, they said that the player of Clash of Clans would be able to play the game in 360 Degree Mode. The question will be same that if they release the 360 Degree mode in December 2016 or they moved to January 2017?

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The Latest  Clash of Clans update in December

In the update of December, the supercell mostly considers the gameplay of Clash of clans because this game has always been a perennial issue in “Clash of Clans” so they think taking a look at their current issues rather they brought new features in the game, they wanted to fix their existing problems.

The games of Clash of clans believed that the gameplay of 360 Degree update might be a little premature considering that the whole game still needs more accuracy in their gameplays because it is not balanced. The report is being scalded that the supercells might roll out the 360-degree update that includes some new content features and launched some new characters.

Supercells implement in 2017 update:

  • Ship (which give daily guests, discovering relics that can give loot)
  • Building floats in air which can only attack by troops
  • Also give the ability for night mode (this might be laggy, but it could be turned on or off not based on real time)

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SO this is, for now, I hope this update makes in a clash of clans in 2017. So enjoy the updates in a clash of clans and enjoy !!



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